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Here's the Thing About Glass Bathtubs

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The glass bathtub is, according to the Wall Street Journal, on the rise. Apparently, "clients like the aura of luxury that transparent tubs provide" and "the appeal extends across all ages." Here's the thing about glass bathtubs, though: they aren't much different from regular bathtubs from inside, right? The primary difference is to the outside observer, for whom the bathtub now functions as a sort of human fish tank. And that's totally cool if you have somebody that observes you taking baths—it just felt like something we should acknowledge. It also renders descriptions like this one...

While designing a partially glass-enclosed home in Big Sur, Calif., Anne Fougeron, the principal architect, was struck by the idea that a clear bathtub would be the perfect fit for a bathroom that looked out over cliffs near the Pacific Ocean. "It's the million-dollar view," says Ms. Fougeron. "You sit in the tub and there's nothing in your way." ...a little weird. Is your bathtub "in the way" of your sight line when you are sitting in the bath? Do you take baths with your head below the edge of the tub? You might be doing it wrong.

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