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See Amsterdam in a Rad New Way: With a Local, on a Bike

Because there are always urban explorers dreaming up the next big thing, there's now a zany, if interesting, new way for visitors to Amsterdam to explore the famously bicycle-friendly city: on the back of a local's bike! Bike tour company Yellow Backie is inviting Amsterdammers to attach these eye-catching yellow luggage racks on their bikes (for free), in an effort to get natives to the city and visitors to interact. It's a new, adventurous way to see the city, and the creators hope it will spur good-natured mingling among locals and tourists—There are an estimated 500,000 cyclists in the city. Before you go and plan your vacation, check out a video below! And, a heads up: there are currently only 15 such Yellow Backie bikes circling the cities canals and roads.

Yellow Backie Lets Tourists See Amsterdam On The Back Of Locals' Bikes [Pop Up City]