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Vice Media CEO Shane Smith Just Paid $23 Million For a Classy Old Los Angeles Compound

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Shane Smith, cofounder and CEO of superficially hip and edgy Vice Media Inc., is made of money. He drops $300,000 on a sushi dinner, gives his (reputedly low-paid) workers $1,500 "stocking stuffers" at Christmas, and, says Variety, drops $23 million on Santa Monica Canyon compounds that have appeared on Entourage.

Before you can even enter Smith's new property, the driveway passes by a two-bedroom gatehouse—this place is that kind of glamorous. The 1932 main residence has 12 bedrooms and 12 and a half bathrooms, and features Art Deco tiles, a winding staircase, hand-painted ceilings, and stone mantels. The library has a hidden wetbar, activated "with a push of a volume laden panel."

Curbed LA has all the photos (and a video!) >>