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A Wicked-Cool UFO Prefab House Has Touched Down on Earth

Well, this is certainly unlike any
prefab house we've seen before: over in La Moraleja, Spain, a district of the Madrid metro area sometimes referred to as the Spanish Beverly Hills, Barcelona-based design-build firm
NOEM has dreamed up the Spaceship House and it looks exactly like how it sounds. Designed for a hardcore sci-fi fan, the Dwell-approved structure is made of three metal-clad modules raised 12 feet above the ground so it has the "just landed" feel. To get up, you pass by an electric car-charging station under the house and ascend via a discarded airplane staircase.

The retro-futuristic abode, complete with signage done in the Star Wars font, dedicates one module to a bedroom, one to a living area, and one to a kitchen, bathroom, and "hub" that controls all the "smart home" features. A shiny purple control panel features built-in iPads that regulates water and air temperature, heating and cooling, lighting, security, rooftop solar panels, and more. It's all pretty neat.

Get the full story and gallery on Dwell.

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