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Alluring Short Film Defines Athens in the Vocabulary of Dance

Moving Cities, a series of films shot on the streets of Paris, London, Brussels, Yerevan, and Prague, create a beautiful moving-image of a basic contrast: the one between the movement of a city and that of a dancer's body. In the latest installment, Moving Athens, director Jevan Chowdhury reinvents the traditional Greek proscenium stage on the streets of Athens, against a backdrop of cars, roads, buildings, the busy Piraeus port and the steps of the Acropolis.

Sometimes people pause to look and other times go on about their lives, inattentive to the ballerina swaying on the steps. According to Chowdhury, "there's not much of a political statement in the film, but it's open to interpretation." On the other hand, he also looks at it as an act of sovereignty. He tells Yatzer:

I see a lot of fearlessness in the film, with these people dancing in the middle of the street and all. There is a sense of treading carefully but also a stubborn, strong stance in it, that although is mostly slow, grounded and immobile, it is also provocative. Watch it here:

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