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Young Designers Use Mumbai Taxis as Canvas for Vibrant Art

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All photos courtesy of <a href="">Taxi Fabric</a>.
All photos courtesy of Taxi Fabric.

In Mumbai, the city's yellow-and-black cabs are iconic, and feature kitschy, heavily decorated interiors done up by the drivers themselves. Now Taxi Fabric—with a Kickstarter-funded campaign—is getting up-and-coming designers to outfit taxis with vibrant, wacky upholstery, each one a unique piece of graphic art. Kunel Gaur's fresco-like work, for example, includes figures of the Indian Independence struggle alighting on the ceiling. Sameer Kulavoor's 'City as Objects' is a collage of vintage quotidian objects. And Samya Arif's 'Monad' is a representation of the surrealist story of two siblings separated at birth during the partition of India and Pakistan. So if you're in Mumbai and sitting in the usual Bollywood-poster-wallpapered cab, just know you're missing out.

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