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This Is Everything You Would Expect From a New Jersey House Called 'Versailles Mansion,' And More

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which is a good thing because if we couldn't just show you the pictures, we'd have to spend at least a thousand words each describing each shot of this New Jersey mansion, humbly named "Versailles Mansion," that was featured recently in the Wall Street Journal and is currently on the market asking $14.9 million. From the indoor pool that is basically just in the middle of what must have been a living room (overlooked by second story balconies that practically beg you to jump off of them), to the there are entire rooms for the owners' dogs and cat, to, well, everything, this is one where you're going to want to just look at the pictures already.

· A Pet Friendly Castle in New Jersey Seeks $14.9 Million [WSJ]
· Listing: 105 Chestnut Ridge Road, Saddle River, New Jersey [Sotheby's]