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Trippy '60s Art Inspired This Line of Luxurious Furniture

The 1960s affinity for optical illusions in art has resurfaced in contemporary furnishings every now and then; most recently seen in a line of limited edition furniture called Shifting Reflections at Paris's Galerie Negropontes. Designed by the gallery's artistic director, Hervé Langlais, the ten-piece collection includes a stunning console with rows of black ebony-wood inlay alternated with white sycamore, creating a sense of undulating waves. Another piece, called the Vibration Console, is inset with irregularly sized columns in polished brass, giving it a sense of spatial depth. If it's movement and abstraction that fascinates you (and you have some $$$ to spare—Langlais's work is going for thousands of dollars on 1st Dibs, if you're curious), then this line of furniture may be for you.

Galerie Negropontes [Galerie Negropontes]
Hervé Langlais [1st Dibs]