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Zaha Hadid Unveils a Swooping Canopy Over the High Line

Whenever one of the millions of buildings under construction flanking the High Line hit a certain height, the developer is required to put up a shed over the park, for obvious, danger-of-heavy-things-falling-on-people's-heads reasons. These are always of the usual shed/scaffolding variety that you see everywhere... except, it seems, when it's for a building by Pritzker- and Stirling-Prize winning architect Zaha Hadid. Then it's not just a shed protecting passersby, it's a 112-foot long sculptural installation—in this case entitled Allongé—designed by Hadid to give a sneak preview of the swooping forms of her building, which has just hit High Line level and is scheduled for occupancy in 2016.

Curbed NY takes a closer look. >>