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Do You Have What It Takes to Decorate the Oval Office?

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There is one thing on the mind of each of the 3,000 or so individuals currently running to be President of the United States, and that thing is: When I win, how am I going to decorate the Oval Office? Will I have a green rug, like Franklin Delano Roosevelt? Will I have a blue-gray rug, like Harry S. Truman? Will I have a blue rug designed by Pat Nixon, like Richard Nixon?

Luckily for all 7,000 candidates, a photo just surfaced of an empty Oval Office, taken 14 years ago during a renovation. Seeing the office as a blank slate will really help each of the 20,000 prospective presidents visualize exactly what she wants to do with the place. To help them along, we have summoned all of our design acumen and created a mockup for one direction they could go, although there are surely others.

We're calling it Minimalist College Dorm. Candidates, if you want to go with this, it's all yours.

UPDATE: And now you can decorate your own Oval Office using this easy-to-play game from Curbed DC.
· What the Oval Office Looks Like Empty [Gizmodo]