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It's Okay to Admit That We're All Jealous of This Couple's The Simpsons Kitchen

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Look, just because we probably wouldn't turn our kitchens into a replica of the kitchen from The Simpsons like this couple in Calgary is doing, that doesn't mean we can't admit we're a little bit jealous. But anyway, a renovation like this is probably prohibitively expensive and—wait, what was that, Marcia? The new counter cost $20 and the rest is just contact paper? Well, fine, but it's still a big risk to take messing with the resale value of the—sorry, come again? It's a "risk free project for the most part because it's not like [you're] ripping the kitchen apart"?

Okay, maybe more than a little jealous.
· Fans create their own 'Simpsons' kitchen (Flanders not included) [Robot6, via Grub Street]