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Hot, Dry Oman Wants to Build an Indoor Snow Village

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There must be something in the air in the Arabian Peninsula (maybe it's the heat) because indoor snow projects are on trend right now. As part of a larger mall project, Muscat, the capital of Oman, is getting a $31 million snow village. Dutch firm Unlimited Snow was recently contracted to build the village, but details are scant. Judging from early sketches, it looks like the snow village might include tubing, curling and a spot for good 'ol snowball fights.

Oman's oil resources aren't quite that of its neighbor, the United Arab Emirates, and it sounds like the mall project that will house the snow village is intended to be a tourism draw. The overall mall — with its stores, cinema and aquarium — is projected to cost about $233 million when complete, making the snow village only part of the attraction. If all goes to plan, Oman should have its first indoor snow park by 2017.

Watch this animation of the mall. The snow village part starts at about 2:50.

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