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Glass-Bottomed Pool Looks Like the Most Nerve-Wracking Way to Live a Life of Luxury

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One of the great things about having tons and tons of money (one assumes) is that you never, or rarely ever, have to be uncomfortable. That's why it always seems a little perverse to do Rich People Things like, for example, pilot your own plane, or swim in a glass pool 10 stories off the ground between two luxury apartment buildings in London. Sure, the latter is far less dangerous (in fact, it's probably not at all dangerous) but it still makes our stomach churn to look at it. And then we wonder what the point of acquiring all these millions of British pounds was in the first place. And then we remember that we didn't acquire millions of British pounds and we're not going to get to swim in this terrifying pool even if we wanted to.

So that worked out.

· Glass-bottomed swimming pool to be suspended 10 storeys above south London [Dezeen]