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Okay, Guys, Very Funny...

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There's this thing about lowbrow humor where the bigger and more complex and labor intensive the setup is, the better the payoff. The idea of a human having sex with an animal is, in and of itself, not very funny. The idea of a large, functional building having sex with another large, function building in the shape of a non-human species, on the other hand: somehow hilarious. However, what really pushes Atelier Van Lieshout's "Domestikator," the pièce de résistance at Germany's annual Ruhrtriennale festival, over the top is that it is apparently not meant entirely as a joke. According to Design Boom, the structure is:

a symbol for the power of humanity, paying homage to the ingenuity and capacity of humans, but the eventual use of this power to dominate and domesticate the natural environment ... bringing to mind the ethical dilemmas of our time like bestiality, production and consumption. Yes. Quite. Let's look at some more pictures of these two buildings that are having intercourse.

Yeah. Good point.
· atelier van lieshout sculpts dark and humorous art village for ruhrtriennale festival [design boom]