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A California Eichler Looks for Its Second Owner and $607K

It's not unusual to find a well-kept Eichler tucked away in the East Bay suburb of Concord, where a true Eichler enclave exists, but it is pretty rare to find one being sold by its original owners. The four-bedroom, two-bathroom Eichler at 1237 Lancashire Drive has never changed hands since its original sale in 1964, making it something of a dream home for purists who like their Eichlers untouched. The house boasts an open atrium with a retractable roof at its center, original globe lights, and the framing for the kitchen's original swivel table. The custom midcentury built-ins in its office, one bedroom, and the dining room remain intact. The 2,007 square-foot house is asking $607,000.

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