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South African President Invents the 'Fire Pool'

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Rulers of countries are many times credited with pioneering new types of furniture and design, often because they are the people with the means to do so. There are different types of furniture, for instance, associated with each French Louis. Also, Thomas Jefferson invented the swivel chair. Now, embattled South African President Jacob Zuma is continuing that tradition. Zuma is in the process of defending himself against accusations that he used $23 million in taxpayer funds to renovate his private home, and in doing so, revealed his newest invention:

The majority ANC party had initially described a swimming pool added to the building as a "fire pool" that could serve as a place for firefighters to get water. But, Selfe said, there are no pumps anywhere available in the vicinity of the president's home that could be used to employ the water that is in the tank to fight a fire.

"And the fire chief of that municipality told me personally that, by the time they got there, if there was a fire, it would have destroyed all the buildings. So, we regard this thing as a complete chimera. It is a swimming pool." So, it sounds like there are still a few kinks to work out. Still, good invention.
· South Africa's Opposition Demands President Pay for Home Renovations [VOA]