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See 1967 New York City Through the Eyes of a Tourist

Maybe it's Josh Burdick's love for New York City that brought these photographs, of a 1967 family trip that predates his birth, to light. In an email Burdick explains that, as an electronics technician for the FAA, his father's job took his still-growing family across the country from Texas to to Baltimore, where they took the opportunity to visit the Big Apple. Burdick sets the scene for the trip—the family's only to New York City,

My Mom toted along my three older siblings, Cecil III, Bill, and Jenny while being pregnant with Jeff (to be born in Nov '67). I didn't come along until Dec. '72. She and the kids usually sat on a park bench are [SIC] in the car while my dad hiked up to the top of the Empire State Tower or the Statue of Liberty to shoot these photos. I think he did a pretty good job! Relive the family vacation at Curbed New York >>