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A 1930s Austin Home Gets an Airy Mod Makeover

Even in Austin, Texas—a city flush with modern new-build homes and contemporary renovations by owners who can't or won't work with the original structure—this updated residence still manages to rise above the pack. There's a genteel charm to the Greek Revival house's largely untouched circa-1935 front facade, with its elegant symmetry, inviting porch, and trio of very cute dormer windows. But the house, revamped by local firm Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects, is more modern than its street-side exterior lets on. That roof, for example, is new, re-built to add an extra four feet of vertical space for additional bedrooms and an extra bathroom. Inside, old meets new in timber-paneled common areas, beamed, gabled ceilings, and exposed-brick accent walls. But, like any contemporary reno, subway tile and seamless kitchen cabinetry are also on offer. In the back, a more typically contemporary addition accommodates the new kitchen and a second-level bedroom. We dig it!

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