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Poll: Do You Think Breckenridge Should Tax the Ski Area?

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The lobbying war over whether or not Breckenridge should tax lift ticket sales is well underway. The last time we checked in, the town of Breckenridge decided to kick the question to the voters, while Vail Resorts CEO Rob Katz went on record as opposed to the plan. Since then, Breckenridge Ski Resort COO John Buhler has signed an email to season pass holders letting them know the company isn't keen on the tax and lobbying them to contact town officials. Meanwhile, longtime Breckenridge local Carol Rockne is elated that the tax plan, which she's championed for decades, is finally getting some serious consideration. While it's ultimately Breckenridge residents who will decide whether this tax plan is a good idea, we thought we'd see what Curbed Ski readers thought: Should Breckenridge tax the ski area to pay for transportation upgrades?

Buhler told the town that Vail Resorts has already received 700 emails from people across the country who oppose the tax plan, with 40 percent saying they'll go so far as to boycott Breck. But, as Rockne rightly pointed out, a lot of those emails are probably in response to the version of events that Buhler emailed to season pass holders.

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