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America's Newest Super-Mansion Will Rival Florida's 'Versailles'

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Homes of the Rich has a construction shot of the enormous private residence that cardiologist/businessperson Dr. Kiran Patel is building in Carrollwood, Florida. Perhaps the most amazing thing about it is that this mansion is actually being built—at 85,000 square feet, it will be the seventh biggest house in the United States and the second biggest newly constructed residence since 1932, trailing the place from the Queen of Versailles by only 5,000 square feet. It will have, among other features, a 450-foot-long swimming pool and a replica of the Taj Mahal carved into a rock mountain, because why not. It will not have a helipad, although that was included in the original plans.

Patel has said that he hopes to have the mansion completed by early 2016, which seems a little ambitious.

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