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Burnt Mountain Backcountry Cabin is Declared Off Limits

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The U.S. Forest Service has decided the time has come to decommission a backcountry hut on Burnt Mountain that's been there for at least 30 years, according to the Aspen Times. The hut is located on land within Snowmass' permit (between the Burnt Mountain glades and the Long Shot Trail) but wasn't built by Skico or even the Forest Service. It was the result of some cold and hungry locals decades back who decided it was high time they had a hut to warm up in. The reason given for the hut being taken out of commission: asbestos.

The Forest Service had the roof of the hut removed earlier this month when asbestos was discovered and there was already a contractor in the area working on other asbestos-removal projects. Naturally, this tale is just too good to be true for former patrons of the hut and conspiracy-minded locals. A group of cabin users wonders if there was ever asbestos in that roof or if there was enough to make it dangerous. And, of course, someone is curious as to whether this is the kind of stuff Big Government should be spending its money on.

Asbestos or not, the loss of a community hut hurts. No one liked it when some ski resorts when after the smoke shacks. And no official, on-mountain Snowmass huts will replace the come-one-come-all (if you don't harsh the vibe) style of a makeshift cabin. Pour one out for the Burnt Mountain cabin.

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