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No Trees Were Harmed in the Making of This Gorgeous Retreat

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All photos by Armando DelVecchio via <a href="">Contemporist</a>.
All photos by Armando DelVecchio via Contemporist.

While it might be tempting to build on a tabula rasa, real architectural ingenuity begins when architects engage fully with a challenging site. And ProjectCR+D showed just how to do that with the Rio Perdido boutique hotel in a hot spring tourist resort in Costa Rica. Twenty prefab units are peppered around this wooded landscape in a seemingly arbitrary, meandering row. But it's really to accommodate the housing on the site's naturally open spaces, without cutting down a single tree or changing the existing topography. As a result the bungalow—with its floating decks and cool, contemporary interiors—fits into the landscape in one harmonious stroke of design.

No Trees Were Removed To Create This Bungalow Hotel In Costa Rica [Contemporist]