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Imagine the Capture The Flag Games You Could Have on Your Own Private Danish Island

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Unlike most private island listings, this island, called Flakfortet, off the coast of Copenhagen is a) manmade, and b) set up for tourists, with a guest center and 200-seat restaurant (which means that this listing, unlike the other 1,000,000,000,000 listings that claim it, actually comes with a chef's kitchen). The island also has an underground network of tunnels, suddenly making it the world's premier location for a huge game of Capture The Flag.

The listing website, Google-translated from Danish, includes the sentence, "Flakfortet was in military use until 1968, after sailing clubs took over the island," which is funny because it sounds like the sailing clubs fought the military for the island and won.

The island is asking 56 million Danish Krone, or approximately $8.6 million.

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