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This Adorable 96-Sq.-Ft. Cabin Cost Just $10.5K to Build

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In the race to create ever-smaller spaces for living, writing, guitar-strumming, and just flat-out relaxing, we've seen designers craft an impressive array of micro homes. Now, from Finnish architect Robin Falck, comes this angular, timber-clad pad, clocking in at just 96 square feet, a figure on the lower end of what was possible to construct in the Finnish countryside sans permit. Dubbed "Nido" after the Italian word for a bird's nest, the place seems like more of a short-term retreat than a functioning, full-time residence, lest you find yourself asking "where are the kitchen and bathroom?" A 50-square-foot sleeping loft accommodates Falck's bed and clothing storage. The real draw here is not the structure's creature comforts. It's all about those lake views (framed by broad windows), the forested surroundings, and the sense of zen Falck is able to find in nature. Falck estimates the whole enterprise cost him the equivalent of $10,500 USD plus "man hours."

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