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First Look at Frank Gehry's Huge Project on the Sunset Strip

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This morning developer Townscape Partners has released the first images of Frank Gehry's design for a huge mixed-use project on the eastern edge of the Sunset Strip and at the base of the Hollywood Hills, on the former site of paradise (the famous Garden of Allah estate-turned-hotel, which is sometimes rumored to have inspired Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi"; today it's a stripmall). Residents reacted poorly in 2013 to initial plans for the 8150 Sunset project, so Townscape brought in Gehry earlier this year to create "one of several design alternatives" for the site; they'll submit all of those plans in a new environmental review process starting next month. Gehry's design has five "interrelated and complementary structures" filled with apartments, condos, retail, and entertainment space, all linked by open public space.

Curbed LA has all the deets. >>