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The Obamas Launch Search for Presidential Center Architect

Chicago's South Side jumped for joy when the Obamas officially announced that they had selected the Windy City for their presidential library back in May. And the next big step in the lengthy process will be selecting an architect for the so-called Obama Presidential Center. This morning, the Obama Foundation has formally kicked off the search for the center's architect. While the Obamas have still yet to make a decision on the specific location of the library, the POTUS and FLOTUS previously indicated that the project's architect would play a pivotal role in deciding whether to build in Jackson Park or Washington Park. According to the Request for Qualifications issued this morning, the Obamas have provided some direction to candidates, indicating that they wish for the project to be "more than a library." In addition to becoming the HQ of the Obama Foundation, the new center will feature an interactive museum, community green spaces, indoor and outdoor performance areas and labs for educational programming.

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