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Let's All Tear Up Our Houses in Hopes of Finding Awesome Baseballs

A father-son construction team in Connecticut recently found a baseball signed by six of the World Champion 1952 Yankees—including Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, and Whitey Ford—while tearing apart the basement ceiling of a house they'd bought and were renovating. Forbes cautions: "Before you start ripping out your basement ceiling, remember that one reason these discoveries are so compelling is that they are so rare."

Sounds pretty worth it to us, though. If you rip apart all the ceilings in your house and yields even one Mickey Mantle autographed baseball, that's a great deal. (Maybe not financially, but what a story!) It's got to be worth a try. We'll be right back.
· Father & Son Reap $3K Windfall From 1952 Yankees Baseball That Falls From Ceiling [Forbes]