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Check Out a Late Comedian's Decadent $135M Hilltop Mansion

Right next door to the record-breaking, $70-million house where owner/Minecraft creator Markus Persson has tons of EDM DJs and celebs party in his infinity pool is a large estate once owned by late comedian Danny Thomas. Thomas bought the land in the Sixties and built the house on it in 1970, according to the Wall Street Journal. His family (including daughter Marlo Thomas) sold it in 2000, and the current mystery owner is now putting it up for sale. The house has received a remodel "down to the studs," and $2.5 million worth of "Baccarat chandeliers and custom-made, hand-woven carpets" that, of course, go with the estate when it's sold.

Curbed LA has all the photos. >>