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Zaha Hadid Doubles Down on Tokyo Stadium in New Video

Zaha Hadid Architects released a 23-minute video last night that restates the firm's case for sticking with their recently rejected design for the new National Stadium in Tokyo. After winning an international competition then seeing its work scuttled amid accusations of cost overruns, the firm is now arguing that the proposed last-minute redesign currently being considered would end up being a big risk for the Japanese government. The ZHA design, which has already cost ¥1.47 billion, or $11.8 million, in fees, is tested, can start construction this year, and will be ready for the Rugby World Cup in 2019, viewed as a test for the 2020 Summer Olympics. The presentation argues that the best way to cut the currently inflated budget, which now stands at ¥252 billion ($2.1 billion), is to open the contractor bidding process to lower construction costs. Recent reports suggest Japanese officials were looking to privatize the stadium, and many believe the total construction cost should be limited to ¥130 billion (roughly $1 billion or half of the current estimated cost of the Hadid design). Whether you're a fan of Zaha's design, or think it looks a little funny, the video suggests extensive thought went into its layout and conception, from plotting lighting for HDTV broadcasts to positioning seating to maximize future revenue sources.

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