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Can These Student-Designed Guest Houses on Navajo Nation Land Encourage Tourism?

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We'd say they have a shot. Architecture students with the University of Utah's DesignBuildBLUFF, in collaboration with the University Colorado Denver's design-build program—Colorado Building Workshop—and the Navajo Nation's Mexican Water chapter have designed this pair of rather lovely structures on Navajo Nation land. The enigmatic twosome of Cor-Ten steel-clad cabins—created to be rentable spaces for visitors to this part of Navajo Nation—complement well a sparsely planted, windswept terrain. The hope is that the structures will attract tourists to the area and the cozy, rustic interiors—think timber partitions and simple, rough-hewn wood furniture—look quite comfortable. According to Designboom, the cabins are oriented toward the east, in keeping with Navajo tradition, to maximize sunrise views.

colorado building workshop places two corten cabins against the desert landscape [Designboom]