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A New Crossing in Denmarks Rethinks What a Bridge Can Be

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Cirkelbroen, a new pedestrian bridge in Copenhagen, Denmark, does two things: gets people across the canal, of course, and promotes—encourages, even—loitering. Its round form allows people to slow down, wander, and mingle. The designer, Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson recalls a vivid childhood memory of looking at fishing boats in an Icelandic harbor, moored so close together that "you could cross the harbor just by walking from boat to boat." Cirkelbroen is built in that image. Five discs nudged together with their tall mast-like polls rising above, it augments the culture of a harbour, not just in its aesthetic presence, but also its function as a place where people come and go, where people meet, observe and introspect.

Cirkelbroen [Designboom]