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Mt. Rose is Spending $1.2 Million and Looking to Open Early

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Mt. Rose, the local's favorite northeast of Lake Tahoe, is dropping $1.2 million this year for on-mountain improvements that should make the ski area more attractive to beginners. The Ponderosa lift, originally built in the early 1990s, will be will relocated and renamed the Wizard. The hope is that the new lift, along with the construction of four additional beginner trails, will make Mt. Rose a better experience for newbies. But those aren't all the changes planned for this Nevada gem.

The $1.2 million total also covers expansion of the resort's snowmaking system and renovating the Rosebuds registration area for kids lessons. The registration renovation will hopefully make it easier to sign those first-timers up for lessons by reducing wait times and providing more room in the staging area. Also on the slate are investments in equipment, relocation of the Main Lodge ski check-in and renovation of the Timbers Bar.

Mt. Rose hopes to use the expanded snowmaking capabilities to push its opening date forward. At 8,260 feet, the resort has the highest base of Tahoe ski areas, so it's targeting Oct. 29 for its first day, weather permitting.

All these changes are on top of Mt. Rose' previously announced commitment to bump the starting wage to $11 per hour, about a third higher than the Nevada minimum wage and even a dollar higher than Vail's recent wage hike.

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