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This Adorable Yellow Seaside Cabin Could Be Yours for $808K

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Photos courtesy of The Modern House

Location: Isle of Wight, United Kingdom
Price: £525,000 (~ $808,000)

Just laying eyes on this adorable A-frame timber cabin on the British Isle of Wight (about 90 miles southwest of London) makes us pine for everlasting summers. Dubbed Sea Breeze, the simple gabled retreat is the work of architect Michael Manser, whose eponymous firm, The Manser Practice, was founded in 1961 and has since made a name for itself designing clean-lined modern residences with elemental names like "Stone House," and "Sea Glass House." Sea Breeze, encompassing just 1,464 square feet, three bedrooms, and two baths over two stories, is less grand than these, and its affect—and name—more easygoing. And it makes sense. Behind the yellow facade—with its raised foundation and nautical porthole windows—lie birch plywood-lined, open-plan interiors capped with a gabled ceiling, its beams exposed.

Common areas occupy the upper level, while the en-suite master bedroom and additional private spaces occupy a lower level navigated to via a spiral staircase. Outside, a deck of weathered-wood overlooks the Solent strait.

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