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Take a Look at Gorgeous Cave-like Dwellings in Rural Australia

Photos by Edward Birch via <a href="">Designboom</a>.
Photos by Edward Birch via Designboom.

Local firm Luigi Rosselli Architects designed these 12 townhouse-style, rammed-earth residences, built like a series of caves into an excavated clay dune in the Australian northwest. In addition to being a collection of a dozen rather nice homes, the architects posit that this project also constitutes the continent's—and, perhaps, the southern hemisphere's—longest rammed-earth wall, at 230 meters (~754 feet) long, hence the project's name: The Great Wall of WA. Clocking in at about 17 inches thick (more precisely, 450mm), the rammed-earth walls keep each house's interiors cool in the region's often subtropical climate. There is also a conical, Cor-Ten steel-roofed chapel and meeting room on the premises and its oculus is quite a sight.

luigi rosselli constructs the great wall of WA using rammed earth [Designboom]