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This Is the Quietest Room in the World and It Sounds Incredibly Creepy

All of us who live in cities and don't have the requisite millions with which to purchase a soundproof penthouse have probably wished, at one point or another, or once every 30 seconds 24 hours a day, that our rooms were a little quieter. Between the sirens, car alarms, people talking, kids playing, music that you don't even know where it's coming from, that infernal freaking ice cream truck, etc. it wouldn't be unreasonable to say to yourself, Hey, how great would it be to spend a little time in a completely silent room?

Not that great, apparently. According to Steve Orfield, creator of Orfield Laboratories, an acoustics and architecture test facility in Minnesota, most people can't last longer than 20 minutes is his anechoic chamber, which is being called the quietest place on earth. So, just think about that when—oh, give me a break, again with that goddman ice cream truck?
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