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Retro California A-Frame Now Comes Complete With a Compound

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When this A-frame bordering the Sierra National Forest hit the market earlier this year, we marveled at its retro-chic style and its modest asking price. Now, the listing has been updated to include another A-frame and a cabin for only $915,00. For the price of a single home in a lot of ski towns, you could own the original red-roofed A-frame that once graced the cover of Sunset Magazine, a classic A-frame completed in 2004, a rustic log cabin and 20 acres of solar-powered, off-the-grid scenic forest.

The property, which also includes a new caretaker office and laundry building, is operated as a vacation rental, but could also be a private forest fiefdom. While solar powers this off-the-grid location, it does have satellite phone and internet access.

The original listing included 10 acres, but with the additional structures comes another 10 acres of Sierra Nevada beauty. Sitting above Bass Lake and the snow line, the property is about four hours east of San Francisco and not all that far from Yosemite.

What do you think? Does this sweeten the deal?

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