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10 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts for Design Obsessives

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A photo posted by Will Taylor (@brightbazaar) on

Ding dong, the square is dead! In honor of Instagram's most recent update—which allows users to (finally!) post full vertical and horizontal photos without the secondary apps and white borders we'd come to know (and, for some, love)—here now are 10 Instagram accounts you've got to follow. From interiors and travel inspiration to astute (and flat-out gorgeous) photographic observation of the built environment, these 10 accounts will keep you scrolling for hours.


Is this not the most delightful backyard dinner party snap? Posted by photographer Simone Anne, the photo is one of a series from Anne's roadtrip across the U.S.


How the new @instagram update feels like

A photo posted by Ali (@inayali) on

If gorgeous travel photography is your thing, this is the account for you. On the subject of the update, the caption here pretty much says it all.


Reigning queen of Bohemian interiors, Justina Blakeney Instagram game is strong and the new format heightens the beauty of her already stellar series of snaps.


Stunning nature photography and more is on offer from photog Faisal Sultan.


A photo posted by Will Taylor (@brightbazaar) on

New York's Flatiron Building captured in all of its (vertical) glory by Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar. Expect to find color-saturated, light-filled photos on Taylor's account.


A photo posted by Ana Montiel (@anamontiel) on

Artist and designer Ana Montiel doesn't have the staggering followings of some other accounts on this list, but her graphic, colorful artwork and gimlet eye are worth checking out.


I'm not usually scared of heights but this was scary. #tbt to last month in Norway. #verticalinstagram #fjordan2015

A photo posted by Jordan Ferney (@ohhappyday) on

We've sung the praises of Jordan Ferney before, and we will continue to do so as long as the San Francisco-based blogger continues to churn out such lovely shots. This one's from her whirlwind European travels this summer, but you can also find beautifully styled interiors on her account.


A photo posted by Paul Octavious (@pauloctavious) on


Square photos suck. This is the actual size and it looks so much better.

A photo posted by @mell0wfell0w on

He's right! If you don't know this enigmatic New York City street-scenes photographer, head over to his feed and fix that.


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