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Which Decor Trends Are The Most Overexposed Right Now?

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Lifestyle site MyDomaine has a fascinating piece up today, arguing that a certain gang of decor trends are so ubiquitous that they're "on the verge of extinction from overexposure." Among those that made the list are: subway tiles, sheepskin throw, Tolix-style chairs, industrial-influenced light fixtures, and, as Curbed has also observed time and again, reclaimed wood.

Now, "extinction" is a bit extreme, but we do have to agree that these decor ideas are everywhere, at least where Pinterest and design blogs are concerned. A quick browse through our interior design coverage might even surface a few more decorating memes:

all-white interiors

more firewood than you'll ever need

cowhide rugs

hanging plants

...color-coded bookshelves

…and dare we say everything Midcentury Modern?

Is there such a thing as an overexposed decor move? What's the most egregious repeat offender? What are you so ready to never see again?

The comment section and poll are all yours.

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