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This Week in Social: Stunning Interiors; Stellar Furniture; and Architecture-Inspired Soap

Welcome to Curbed's new weekly round-up of architecture and design on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and (god forbid) even LinkedIn. Collected from retweets, intra-office chats, and, well, anything that sent us into a 140-character tizzy, this is what Curbed editors actually read last week. Please be in touch if you have a recommendation for next week.


American Instagrammer Jordan Ferney, also known as @ohhappyday, is on a month-long tour of Europe with her husband and two sons. Along the way, Ferney's been hittin' up all kinds of European design highlights, including this gorgeous house in Odense, Denmark. It's all kinds of dreamy—as are her other snaps from the whirlwind trip. Check them out!


Because, like Instagram, Tumblr is a wondrously addictive platform for the visually and aesthetically inclined, all sorts of niche, design-themed blogs seem to pop up there, daily. Curbed EIC Kelsey Keith happened across this rather nice page, Slat Happy, which—as its title implies—is a love note to the architectural detail of the same name. We're just surprised at the sheer variety of slats out in the world! Enjoy.


Jordan Ferney isn't the only Instagrammer on a whirlwind trip. Entrepreneur, blogger, mother, and Insta-celeb Courtney Adamo is on a year-long leave of absence from her (picture-perfect) life in London, to travel the world with her husband (@michaeladamo) and four kids on what she is calling a "gap year." First stop: Courtney's family home in very scenic Washington state. Apparently, the family home is in about the same condition as it was when her grandfather built it—in the 1950s (!!).


Twitter user @gregorg would like you to stop and take notice of work by Cady Noland , the American postmodern conceptual sculptor, in the May issue of Architectural Digest. Apparently, it is a rarity.


Are all of our pasts burial grounds? If so, who tends the graves? Sackett St., Brooklyn

A photo posted by The Written City (@writtencity) on

Eater features editor Helen Rosner has a new side project, and it is a glorious, black-and-white celebration of text in the built environment called Written City. The photographs pack a punch, as do the (mostly enigmatic, but always interesting) quotations scrawled across brick walls, chain-link fences, metal shutters, and elsewhere. You'll love it.


A photo posted by John & Linda (@warymeyers) on

Okay, if we told you that you must follow the Instagram feed of an artisanal soap company in Cumberland, Maine, would you think us crazy? Because you must. Wary Meyers makes delightfully striped soaps (plus candles, prints, and more) and also runs this design-savvy Instagram feed, wherein the duo behind the company (John and Linda) post inspiration from the worlds of art, architecture, and design. Work by Frank Stella and Alexander Calder, retro advertisements, and back-issues of long-discontinued magazines all make appearances. It's a veritable party. Above, a house by architect Giancarlo Bicocchi in Tuscany, circa 1977.


Blingin & slingin. . . . #EÆ outdoor lounger

A photo posted by Ben Erickson (@ericksonaesthetics) on

We met Ben Erickson, of Erickson Aesthetics, at NY Design Week's Design Junction event in May and were immediately impressed by his rugged-luxe furniture. Here's a rather nice metal and leather sling chair that we'll just let Ben describe in his own apt words...

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