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Take a Peek Inside Newly-Renovated Sun Valley Lodge

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After being closed for nearly a year, Sun Valley Lodge has opened back up to the public following a major renovation for the almost 80-year-old property. The original lodge, designed by famed rustic lodge architect Gilbert Stanley Underwood, was re-imagined to include amenities unaccounted for in Underwood's 1936 design, such as walk-in showers and soaking tubs, and a 20,000-square-foot spa.

In the course of the renovation, the number of rooms actually decreased, from 148 to 94, with many of them doubling in size. Sixty-five of the rooms now have fireplaces, and all of them have plenty of hardwood and granite touches. Also new are six "celebrity suites" that look to capitalize on the star power that's come through the lodge in its time. There's one named after Marilyn Monroe and another after Clint Eastwood. As this is Sun Valley were talking about, you never know what A-listers will be passing through those suites now.