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La Niñas Best for Mt. Hood, but El Niños Aren't Bad

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Mt. Hood Meadows has drawn on 35 years of data to show that the major El Niño headed our way this season should work out just fine for the resort's snow total. According to the chart above, strong El Niños correlate with close to average seasons at Mt. Hood Meadows, which is 429 inches, and have even coincided with blockbuster totals in the past.

The chart shows that some of Mt. Hood Meadows' most historic seasons ('07-'08, '10-'11, for example) were during La Niñas, but stronger El Niños actually work out better for the resort than weak El Niños.

Season snow totals for strong El Niño years:
• '82-'83: 623 inches
• '91-'92: 231 inches
• '94-'95: 414.5 inches
• '97-'98: 385 inches
Average: 413 inches or 96 percent of the 35-year average

Mt. Hood Meadows is probably trying to get out ahead of anyone potentially taking their vacations somewhere else because of weather fears. Here's to hoping this season is more like '82-'83 than '91-'92.

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