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8 New Things We Learned Today About Frank Gehry's Big Plans For Making Over the LA River

Starchitect Frank Gehry's big plans to make over the entire length of the LA River are still mostly unknown and undecided, but there was a media briefing today about what the architect and his team have in mind for the concrete waterway. Details and "solid information" about how the river might be altered under his vision were "noticeably absent," says KPCC, as was Gehry himself (recovering from back surgery) and Mayor Eric Garcetti. Representatives who ran the presentation explained that, while this initial part of the huge undertaking was mostly for research ("We don't have a design yet. There aren't any pretty final pictures yet," said one rep), a fair amount of work has been done towards the next step. Still, there were some new bits of information to come out of the meeting. Here are the most interesting new things we've learned:

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