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Renters, Homeowners: Tear Down This Wall (Decal)!

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We need to talk about your wall decals. We, too, love a little whimsy, but this has gone too far. We are willing to concede that, on limited occasions, wall decals, especially figurative ones, can be cute and 100% acceptable—in, say, a child's room. But the text-based decals that have for the last decade(? forever?) spread over the land of DIY interior decoration like a plague have got to stop. They add little to no aesthetic value to a room—especially when rendered in fonts (yes, fonts, we wouldn't deign call them 'typefaces') that make them difficult-to-read and, quite frankly, ugly. A quick Google (or, if you're feeling particularly brave/masochistic, Etsy) search for "wall decals" turns up a rash of stick-on-decor dribble—affirmations about love and blessings (love and blessings are great, but those fonts! Those fonts!). If you dig even deeper, past the land of text-based wall decals, and find yourself on sites like WallTat, you can discover some truly mystifying figurative options, too. Ironic mustache wall decals! Ceiling decals! (think helicopters, sunbursts); This puzzling Leaning Cowboy Silhouette Wall Decal!

Some wall decals are, as one Curbed editor put it, "strangely appealing." Wall decals that look like wallpaper, and privilege simple patterns over odd text, for example, can be quite nice. Lena Dunham Instagrammed a snap of these quirky Flat Vernacular stickers arranged rather artfully, and we think that's pretty rad, even if it's not to everyone's taste. There's also something to be said for the teenage charms of this giant face.

So @flatvernacular done did it again- my sticker paper looks like my brain processing information

A photo posted by Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) on

So, where do you stand? Wall decals: Friend or foe? If there are instances (like children's rooms) in which you feel decals can be okay, we think you may have to vote "friend" and explain yourself in the comments below! We know we're not alone.

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