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This 97-Square-Foot Cabin is Designer's DIY Summer Escape

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If a private island is out of reach (and—let's face it—for most of us it is) and you're still scrounging for even the most simple escape, perhaps you'll find inspiration in this DIY vacation home. Bulgarian designer Hristina Hristova is the mastermind behind this rather nice holiday cabin-on-wheels, which she built for her young family because they simply couldn't afford more lavish summer digs, but didn't want to go entirely without. So, in an act of ingenuity, Hristova decided to craft this mobile beauty, named Koleliba, a fitting Bulgarian word meaning "hut on wheels." It's essentially a gabled, oiled-plywood box, and features broad glazing and a glass door that swings outward to the open air. The wood-lined interiors are compact, with 2.4-meter-high ceilings (nearly 8 feet), but don't look terribly claustrophobic: As in other tiny quarters—this one clocks in at just 9 square meters, or about 97 square feet—the accommodations are modular, which helps conserve space.

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