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Could You Live in A 186-Square-Foot Prefab, Flat-Pack Cabin?

All photos courtesy of <a href="http://www.pod-idladla.com/#about">POD-Idlala</a> via <a href="http://inhabitat.com/solar-powered-pod-idladla-is-a-tiny-flat-pack-home-for-two-that-lets-you-live-almost-anywhere/">Inhabitat</a>.
All photos courtesy of POD-Idlala via Inhabitat.

You read that right. Because we here at Curbed love all things well-designed, tiny, sustainable, and modular, we were particularly besotted with this flat-pack, solar-powered cabin from a South African design team. Completed in a collaboration between architect Clara Da Cruz Almeida and local studio DOKTER and Misses, the house is meant to allow users maximum flexibility—it is both flat-pack (for easy transport and dis- and re-assembly) and solar-powered. This is the second such home created by the design duo, which produced an earlier prototype of similar scale (and with a very similar name—Indawo/lifePOD. Unlike its predecessor, this new model has metal siding (rather than transparent plexiglass) and has a modularity the other unit didn't. It can be reconfigured and added onto to accommodate up to 12 people.

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