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Postscript for The Best Postmodernist Architecture We've Lost

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It's arguable no architectural style has been through the cycles of ascendance, acceptance, disrepute and revival faster than Postmodernism. After cresting in the '80s and quickly being tagged quirky or loathed in record time, the style has already seen movements to preserve some of the famous structures from its highpoint in the '70s and '80s. From the radical Vanna Venturi House (it's still for sale!) to this Stanley Tigerman-designed barn in Michigan, there is plenty to love about Postmodernism. But for some structures, the recent reappraisal is too late. As part of its POMO Summer, Deezen asked architect and former FAT director Charles Holland to create a list of iconic POMO structures that we've lost. The lineup, and featured projects, offer a comprehensive look at an often-excessive style.

Read the entire list at Dezeen.

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