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Clever Built-Ins Let This Small Paris Flat Fit a Whole Family

Though 70 square meters (just over 750 square feet) is modest by many places' standards, it's downright roomy in urban centers like New York, Tokyo, London, and Paris. But don't say that to a family with children. With kids in tow, a 750-square-foot flat probably feels more like 75 square feet. (Think of all the books! Toys! Clothes!) To create an efficient, livable home in Paris for their young family, a couple turned to local studio h20 Architectes, who seem to have taken one look at the apartment and decided that, with limited floor space, the only way to go was up! The result is a series of angular built-in shelves and storage nooks for books and other household ephemera, and we dig it. The clients likely dig it, too: the kids each have their own dedicated room and there's plenty of sunlight in the space.

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