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This Is What Our Houses Are Going to Look Like When We Live on Mars

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Here's a thing we learned today: "space architect" is a title that exists. We learned that because two space architects, Guillermo Trotti and Brent Sherwood, drew up some renderings of the types of domiciles we might live in if/when we finally settle on Mars. The first one, above, doesn't actually look that bad, for a space house. We're sure those gold circles all over the outside serve some sort of purpose, but they also work as a decorative element, and that lopsided ceiling fan on top is quirky and fun. Sign us up.

The second rendering is less appealing, resembling a water tower between two tankers, but it's probably not fair to be picky with these things. If you can not die inside these houses, they're pretty good. The interiors could definitely use some sprucing up, though:

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