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Step Inside a Rad Waterfront Tower House in Louisiana

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Louisiana firm Holly & Smith Architects has built a tower-like waterfront house for local clients, and it's rather nice, an unexpected form in a region of the U.S. not necessarily known for its cutting-edge design. But Holly & Smith dispense with that notion easily in this three-story design, which makes use of timber; translucent, tongue-and-groove polycarbonate panels; and textured stucco to interesting effect. The Pond House, clocking in at 1,250 square feet, is also a net-zero energy home, meaning it produces more energy via its rooftop solar array than it uses. To boot, its sloped roof aids in rainwater harvesting and all interior spaces are illuminated with LED lights. This dwelling, like Trahan Architects's Louisiana State Museum, is a step in the direction of changing that prevailing preconception.

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