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Indulge in "Forest Therapy" at Viceroy Snowmass

If you're in Snowmass, chances are taking in some of the outdoors is part of your plans. But among all the different outdoor activities, how much time is set aside for unwinding and focusing on wellness? Betting on the allure of mindfulness and the eccentricities of millennials, The Residences Viceroy Snowmass is drawing on the Japanese practice of forest bathing to create its own "forest therapy" program. With an eye toward finding buyers for what's still available in the 152-unit condo hotel, the developer, Related Colorado, has adopted a mantra of "health as the new wealth." To that end, the forest therapy program will include guided hikes to soak in the nature and, while owners and guests are out, energy cleanses to purge condos of negative vibes.

The forest therapy program is a partnership between the Viceroy and the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, which will provide naturalists to guide the hikes. According to the Viceroy, the idea is to stimulate all the potential benefits of being immersed in nature, including lowered blood pressure, heart rate, stress and lessening depression. Naturalists will also offer those looking to commune with forests more info on just what's in a Rocky Mountain forest, some of the local ecology and more. The route of the hike can be adjusted to individual abilities.

While the hikers are bathing themselves (figuratively speaking) in nature, the condos also are being cleansed of negative energy. Aromatic treatments of sage and natural forest air (open windows) will be used to bring the outdoors in, making a smooth transition for those coming down off the therapy hike.

The program will run through mid-September, and owners or guests can pencil in a little therapy whenever they're in town.

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